ARTU Opens Herat Branch, Pushes Ministry to Address Concerns

Ahmad Kumail, the executive director of Afghanistan Radio Television Union (ARTU), on Monday inaugurated the opening of the union’s new office in Herat province, where he took the opportunity to reiterate calls to the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) to address persisting concerns about the digitization of media in Afghanistan.

ARTU has claimed that, despite the formation of a trilateral committee to oversee a comprehensive digitization of media in Afghanistan, concerns still exist among many outlets about the specifics of the process.

“Our demand of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is to give an end to the concerns of media officials and let the trilateral committee continue its meetings and announce the final results as soon as possible,” Kumail said on Monday.

Fifteen radio and TV networks on Monday became new members of the ARTU, which seeks to serve as a collective bargainer for the interests of media outlets across the country.

“On the basis of a consensus, radio and TV networks joined ARTU and their representatives were appointed, and this will be a bridge between ARTU and the Herat media association,” High Council of Radio & Television Association member Mohammad Rahmati said of the move announced on Monday.

Meanwhile, media outlets in Herat have welcomed the opening of the new ARTU branch office and called it a step toward resolving the ongoing financial and technical problems facing Afghan media.

“We hope that with the establishment of the association, problems facing media are resolved and media is supported in Herat by the union,” editor-in-chief of Asia TV Maqsood Ehrari said.

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