As Investments Dwindle, ACCI Blames Government Neglect

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) released a statement on Saturday warning that growing insecurity and a lack of attention on the part of the government has resulted in diminished investment and a flight of capital from Afghanistan over the past year.

Hashim Rasouli, the head of ACCI’s public relations, accused the national unity government of neglecting the nation’s economy since its formation over 10 months ago. Rasouli called the government’s commitment to economic development mere lip-service, and warned that the country could be heading into a crisis if the status quo is maintained.

Independent experts have voiced similar concerns as Rasouli. Many have said the government’s lack of support for investors and businesses is the main reason for dwindling investments in the country.

Hasib Muahid, a lecturer at Kabul University, told TOLOnews that the government should do more to create a hospitable and attractive environment for investors. “Investors should be provided a safe environment for their investments,” he said. “They will never invest in other countries if they are protected by the government.”

Economic officials say investments in most sectors, including transport, construction, industries and agriculture, have shrunk over the past year.

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