Attorney General Meets With Members Of The Public


Since taking office in April, the Afghan Attorney General Farid Hamidi has embarked on a campaign to clear corruption cases and has successfully restored land to rightful owners who lost property in land-grabbing activities during previous governments.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) spokesman Jamashid Rasuli said their office has started talking directly to the people in its campaign against endemic corruption in government.

On Monday, members of the public visited the Attorney General. Among them were university lecturers, schoolteachers, women, businessmen and junior officials from different government organizations. The aim of the visit was for them to discuss their problems. Hamidi vowed to assess their issues.

“You apply for bail and you will be out on bail,” Rasuli said.

The group put forward numerous unsolved cases including murder, land-grabbing, forgery and robbery among others. AGO officials said these cases were assessed and will be resolved by the institution.

A number of these people meanwhile said they have had their land, which was grabbed during previous governments, restored to them.

Abdullah, an employee of Kabul Municipality, said his property was grabbed 20 years ago. He said he lodged his complaint with the AGO.

“Land-grabbers took my land. The AGO sent an order and I reclaimed my property after 20 years,” he said.

Meanwhile some of those who visited the Attorney General complained about judicial centers and said their problems were not addressed at provincial justice centers

They said they have come to Kabul to seek justice.

“I visit government offices every day, but my problem is not addressed,” said Mohammad Shah, a resident of Balkh.

A number of those who met with the Attorney General said their land had however been grabbed by judicial institutions.

“Officers used to address problems by taking bribes. The one who grabbed my land wanted $50,000 USD from me, but now the AGO has issued an order to restore my land,” said Gul Ahmad, a schoolteacher.

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