AUAF Students Committed To Learning Despite Campus Tragedy


As Afghans mourn the death of victims of Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the American University of Afghanistan, a number of students injured in the attack have said that the attack will not deter them from furthering their education.

They called on the Afghan government and international community to identify the perpetrators of the attack. Students also called on the international community to increase pressure on Pakistan to fights terrorist organizations based in their country that continue to wage war in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, an Afghan soldier who was wounded in the attack has revealed that the attackers were in Afghan national army uniforms.

Nargis one female student who is pursuing a business management course at the university sustained injuries after jumping from the second floor of the university building in a bid to escape the gunmen.

Nargis said that it had been the most terrifying moment of her life.

According to her, first there was gunfire which was followed by huge explosions and then students started screaming.

“They always say that you (students) are the future builders of the nation. But if the present situation continues and security is not restored, then there will be no future in the country. Whoever committed the act, I want to tell them we were only students and we never harmed anyone,” said Nargis.

“We want to urge the government to increase the number of educational institutes. The attackers had only one objective – to target education, but students will not be deterred from learning by such attacks,” said Mohammad Nasir, another injured student.

Mohammad Anil is another student who came close to death on Wednesday. He says that the screams of the students still haunt him. He said the attack on the campus was more than a terrorist attack.

“The university where we are studying is unique among several countries in the region. But I want to ask those who carried out the attack why they targeted students. I don’t think that our university will be closed, because we have not lost our morale,” said Anil.

Fardin is an Afghan police officer who was wounded in the attack. Fardin says that he saw the terrorists faces while they were shooting.

“We had binoculars and saw their fearful faces. They (terrorists) were in national army uniforms, but we managed to eliminate them very quickly,” he said.

The attack on the university in Kabul raised strong reaction world-wide. Many countries condemned the attack and some described it as an attack on the progress of Afghanistan.

In a telephonic conversation with Pakistan’s army chief of staff general Raheel Sharif, President Ashraf Ghani informed him that Kabul has found credible evidence that pointed towards Pakistan-based militants having been behind the attack. However Pakistan has so far not responded to the claims.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry did condemn the attack.

But the families of victims have urged the Afghan government to share the evidence with the international community.

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