AUAF Victim's Family Asks Govt To Probe Attack


Hafizullah, the first victim of the attack on the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), was a 35-year-old guard employed by the School for the Visually Impaired when died.

It was at this school, which is next door to the university, that insurgents first launched their attack on Wednesday night. By blasting through the shared wall, attackers were able to access the university through the school.

Hafizullah’s family meanwhile has said they want government to investigate how the insurgents were able to reach the school and university with an explosive laden-vehicle without being stopped by security forces.

“It needs to be investigated how they masterminded the attack and how they reached the heart of the city with explosive devices. Did they come from outside the country or from inside (the country)? And how did they manage to pass checkpoints and who brought them in?” said Ezatullah, Hafizullah’s brother.

“If government does not prevent such attacks, all the people in the country will be in mourning. Everyday people are grieving. If you go outside of the house, you can see grief in every corner of the country,” said Nizamuddin, Hafizullah’s cousin.

Sabira, Hafizullah’s wife said her husband not only worked as a guard but also worked as a tailor to earn money. She said he had been building his family a house but died before he could complete it.

“He borrowed money to build the house. The house was not finished and now he is gone,” said Sabira.

Hafizullah had two children and was living with his wife and mother.

“What should we do? How should we live? My son walked out but his body was brought back instead,” said Hafizullah’s mother.

Hafizullah had worked for 11 years as a guard for the high school but died when insurgents opened fire on the school guards on Wednesday night. The guards were the first to come under attack by the insurgents.

The attack left 16 dead in total, with at least 53 wounded.

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