Baghlan Athletes Mark Independence Day


Athletes and sports figures in Baghlan province Thursday joined their countrymen in marking the 97th Independence Day of Afghanistan in the volatile province.

Despite a deteriorating security situation in the province, Baghlan residents were determined to mark the day.

The Taliban has once again pushed government to come up with more concise security measures to thwart attempts by insurgents trying to seize control of the province, said officials.

“Although the security situation in Baghlan is concerning, we are determined to celebrate Independence Day – to value the efforts of our predecessors, we call on the central government to restore law and order in Baghlan,” said Ahmad Shah Momini, head of Baghlan sports department.

“The Olympic committee has organized a number of sports festivals in many provinces across the country including Baghlan province where the security situation is not encouraging,” said Yasin, head of Olympic events.

Meanwhile, civil society activists in Baghlan have warned that if the central government does not send reinforcements to the area, Baghlan will likely collapse to the Taliban.

“Reinforcements needed for Baghlan have not been sent on time, there is no harmony, Taliban continue to gain swaths (of land), but government’s plan remains unclear,” said Sher Mohammad, a civil society activist in Baghlan.

“We don’t think the government is really doing much, people are massively concerned about the security situation in Baghlan, if the same situation continues, Baghlan will collapse to the Taliban,” said Shah Zaman Zamani, a civil society activist.

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