Balkh Student Builds Mini-Excavator


Zainullah, a 13-year-old student in Grade 10 in Balkh province, has built a mini-excavator using just wood and pumps.

He said his dream is to one day become an engineer and that if government helps him he will continue to build machines.

Zainullah said: “One day an excavator was pushing garbage from the side of the street. I saw the machine and was really impressed. Then I came home and started working on it and then finally I made one.”

He is now working on different machines from sprinkler machines to tanks but for financial reasons he cannot implement his plans.

Zainullah said: “Right now I do not have access to the necessary tools. But I am thinking about tanks and big cars and if I get access to the necessary equipment I will make those machines.”

Demonstrating his water sprinkler vehicle, which he made from wood, he said he can make modern machines but cannot afford the material.

His teachers have said Zainullah is a talented young student despite being only 13 years old.

Naiem, his teacher said: “He picks up the lessons quickly. One day he came to me and said I can make some devices if someone provides the necessary tools.”

Sayed Hadi, another teacher said: “We urge government and rich people to support talented students such as Zainullah so as to help them serve the country in the future.”

Zainullah thanked his parents for sending him to school and allowing him the freedom to build such projects.

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