Balkh Students Denounce Attack On University


A number of students, activists and members of provincial council of Balkh on Friday condemned the attack on American University of Afghanistan, calling it a coward act and against progress in the country.

They said the organizers of the deadly attack should be found an punished and that they will help government in this respect.

“It was a coward and unforgivable act. The terrorists targeted an academic center. They opened fire on students,” said Gulpari Azizi, a university student in Balkh.

Meanwhile, Balkh activists said attack on education centers means enmity with the Afghan people.

“This attack indicated that terrorists are the enemy of the system and the people. They are against education,” said Najib Paikan, a civil society activist in Balkh.

Balkh provincial council members also termed the attack unforgivable and urged government to prevent such attacks in the future.

“Government should prevent insurgents’ activities. The terrorists by attacking schools and other education centers proved that they are against education and progress in the country,” said Zabihullah Kakar, member of Balkh provincial council.

The students and the activists also called on the international community to support education in Afghanistan and help the Afghan government to eliminate the roots of terrorism.

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