'Black Wednesday' Victims Remembered In Different Provinces


Civil society activists and residents from different provinces on Saturday commemorated the death of the victims of the ‘Black Wednesday’ incident that left over 30 civilians dead and wounded.

Activists from Kandahar in the south held a gathering and condemned the attack on TOLO TV staff.

They called on government to ensure the safety of media organizations and their employees countrywide.

Meanwhile, teachers from Balkh province in north slammed the attack on TOLO TV personnel and said it was against human values.

“The perpetrators of this attack showed that they will not have mercy on any individual or any group,” said Balkh University lecturer Nasim Bahman.

“Media organizations in Afghanistan deliver the message and the voice of Afghans to government leaders and to the world. Taliban cannot shut this voice with such attacks,” said Wasim, a university student in Balkh.

Laghman residents meanwhile held a prayer ceremony for the victims of Wednesday’s attack in the central city of the province, Mehtarlam.

The participants of the event prayed for the souls of those who lost their lives in the attack and wished swift recovery for the injured.

“Attack on TOLO TV is an attack on all the media organizations in Afghanistan. It is an attack on the freedom of expression,” said Abdul Jabbar Naeemi, the governor of Laghman.

“We strongly denounce the attack [on TOLO TV staff],” the governor said.

A religious scholar in Laghman meanwhile said: “Killing of civilians – particularly women and children – is against the teachings of Islam. We know that why the Taliban commit such activities.”

Those present at the event said that the attack on civilians is a cowardly act and that the Taliban and other terrorist groups should not target civilians anymore.

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