Bodies of Zabul Seven Repatriated To Ghazni For Burial

The bodies of seven Zabul residents beheaded by alleged Daesh militants about a week ago were repatriated Friday to their home district of Jaghori in Ghazni where they will be buried.

Thousands of protestors after ending their demonstrations in Kabul moved the bodies from Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan hospital of Kabul to Ghazni.

Senior government officials also attended the repatriation of the bodies.

The victims, three of them women, were beheaded about a week ago after having been kidnapped a few months ago in southern Zabul province.

The beheadings followed huge demonstrations which saw more than 20,000 people take to the streets of Kabul on Wednesday.

The protestors marched to the Presidential Palace, where they not only handed over a list of demands but also accused government of not having done enough to secure the safe return of the victims after they were kidnapped.

Hundreds of citizens in other parts of the country also rallied in support of the victims – a move that showed unity among all ethnic groups.

The beheaded civilians are expected to be buried Friday in Jaghori district.

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