Brussels Summit to Scrutinize Govt's Economic Strategy


As part of the economic development commitments to the international community, the Afghan government established the high council of economy, with the president as chairman.

The aim of this council is to find solutions to problems facing the national economy and the private sector – which will be among the topics of discussion in October at the Brussels Summit.

Every month, the high economic council convenes a meeting to evaluate topics on its agenda. However the private sector says that the council so far has failed to implement its programs.

According to the private sector, the lack of capacity within government institutions in real sense undermines the capacity of the council to implement its programs.

Although the establishment of the high council of economy raised new hopes for the implementation of government’s economic programs and enhancing capacity of the private sector, the private sector says that 27 of the decisions taken by the council during its 25 meetings so far have not been implemented.

“The high economic council is a competent and specialized institution which makes policies and works to increase harmony between the government of Afghanistan and the private sector – its aimed at creating jobs, attracting investments, starting mega economic projects and facilitating the work of the private sector,” said deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi.

“It is unfortunate to say that the decisions taken by the high economic council have not been practical due to certain problems specifically a lack of capacity within the government institutions and problems in the laws. Therefore the majority of these decisions remain on paper,” said Mohammad Faizan, a member of Afghanistan Industrialist Union.

“It is not right to expect early results from the meetings of the high economic council, but I can say that it has had a positive impact, if the work is done properly, it could have a tangible impact on the economic climate of the country,” said Sher Baz Kaminzada, a member of the high economic council.

Referring to obstructions in the way of economic and commercial activities in the country, meanwhile some economic commentators have asked the president to step up efforts to implement comprehensive economic strategies to improve Afghanistan’s economic growth and boost domestic production.

According to economists, addressing the problems of the private sector will revive international trust in the national unity government.

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