Centralized Political System Deadlocked: Rabbani


Salahuddin Rabbani, head of Jamiat-e-Islami party and Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), on Friday said at the ninth death anniversary of Sayed Mustafa Kazimi that the current dispute between the National Unity Government’s leaders was due to power division and said the system has reached a deadlock and should be changed.

Sayed Mustafa Kazimi, former head of the Parliament Economic Commission, along with six other former MPs and more than 80 people were killed in a bomb blast in Baghlan province nine years ago.

“Recently we witnessed serious discussions between NUG leaders that shouldn’t happen in such sensitive situations. These discussions show the current political system is deadlocked,” Rabbani said.

Meanwhile, CEO Abdullah Abdullah said the NUG will become stronger when all the articles of the unity government’s political agreement have been implemented.

“Part of our recent concerns relate to the implementation of the political agreement. The agreement, that took days to draw up, will be the salvation of the Afghan people. It should be implemented,” Abdullah said.

In First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum’s message that was read out at the ceremony, he also insisted that the current political system should be changed.

“Holding parliament and district councils elections and holding the constitutional amendment Loya Jirga to change the current system with a more balanced system would be a step forward,” Dostum’s message stated.

Other guests attending the ceremony also warned that the rifts between Abdullah and President Ashraf Ghani will have negative consequences.

“Rifts between NUG leaders and publicizing it will weaken the management of the country, make people anxious, make the state fragile and finally have negative effects on peace talks,” said Nematullah Ghafari, second deputy speaker of parliament.

Meanwhile, Sayed Ali Kazimi, an MP and brother of the late Sayed Mustafa Kazimi said his brother had been someone who had tried to help the country reach economic self-reliance.

“Shahid Kazimi wanted that the next generation should not inherit a poor country with debt. But, unfortunately, the new generation is astonished,” he said.

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