CEO Discusses His Qualms At Meeting With Ghani


Following a week of political squabbles, the office of the chief executive of the national unity government on Thursday said that the CEO, Abdullah Abdullah, raised all disputed issues with President Ashraf Ghani at a meeting on Wednesday – following days of public tension between the two.

In a rare change of tone, Abdullah last week publicly criticized the president for what he called a reluctance to address national issues.

Issues discussed at the Ghani – Abdullah meeting reportedly included the implementation of the political agreement, signed during the establishment of the National Unity Government; undertaking of systematic reforms in Afghanistan election system and most importantly the involvement of views of the president and the CEO on issues of national interests and foreign policy matters.

In reference to the row, the presidential palace said that the two leaders are set to hold another two rounds of discussions aimed at resolving their issues, but they gave no date for such meetings.

Ghani and Abdullah held a one-on-one meeting Wednesday in an attempt to ease tensions between them and resolve their disagreements – a situation that sparked political uncertainty in the country.

At the meeting, the two officials agreed to hold further discussions and make plans to resolve their differences.

“Last night’s meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere, recommendations by the chief executive will be assessed at the next meeting,” said deputy presidential spokesman Shahhussain Murtazawi.

At the meeting with Ghani, Abdullah reportedly took the time to explain his demands which centered around a number of important issues such as the implementation of the political agreement, various job functions, including that of government, the balance of work by the president, the CEO’s approach to dealing with ministers and independent directorates, the election reforms process and the involvement of both leaders in foreign policy issues and appointments.

“To escape from the ongoing turmoil they need to actively work together to avoid further tension,” said Ahmadzia Nekbin.

Analysts believe that an escalation of tension between the president and his chief executive could have serious repercussions in future if not resolved.

“The repercussions will be in the shape of a weak government where there is no space for unanimous views while making the decisions and there is contradictions on the issues,” said political analyst Haroon Mir.

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