Ceremony Held For Mariam Ibrahimi In Kabul

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A mourning and prayer recitation ceremony was held on Tuesday for one of last week’s suicide bombing victims Mariam Ibrahimi.

Ibrahimi was one of seven TOLO TV staff members killed in a suicide bombing last Wednesday.

Mourners at Tuesday’s ceremony called such attacks on civilians and media institutions as an un-Islamic act and said it was inhumane.

Ibrahimi’s relatives and friends asked government to prevent such attacks and put more effort into ensuring the security of civilians.

Sarwar Danish, the second vice president to Ashraf Ghani, and second deputy CEO of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaqiq also participated at the ceremony.

“Our message to insurgents is to stop the killing of innocent people and stop such actions,” said Najibullah one of Ibrahimi’s relatives.

“If the opposition really wants to defend Islam then it is not the right way, this action is against Islam and they must stop such attacks,” said Abdul Rashid another relative.

“Such attacks cannot stop the people’s voice, if Mariam’s voice is stopped, hundreds of other Mariam voices will be raised,” said Hamida a friend of Ibrahimi.

“Armed oppositions with their attacks want to stop people from speaking out but such attacks will not stop this,” said Baqer another of Ibrahimi’s friends.

Mariam Ibrahimi had been employed by TOLO TV in the dubbing department but she was also a civil society activist and was committed to securing peace in the country.

Last week Wednesday the Taliban targeted a TOLO TV staff bus in Kabul, in Darul Aman Road, killing eight people – including seven TOLO TV employees – and wounding more than 25 others.

Taliban claimed responsibly for the attack.

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