Chabahar Accord To Be Signed Within Next Two Months


Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) said Monday that the Chabahar Agreement – also known as the International Transport and Transit Corridor Agreement among governments of Afghanistan, India and Iran – will be signed in Kabul in the next two months.

The ministry said that using the Chabahar Port for transit will reduce the charges on Afghan businessmen.

“We hope that the ceremony for signing the Chabahar Agreement is held in Kabul in the next two months as requested by the Afghan government,” said MoCI spokesman Musafir Qoqandi.

Analysts meanwhile said they are optimistic about the future of the agreement which will help Afghanistan’s economy and trade affairs.

“The significance of Chabahar Port and its agreement is related to government’s management and how it is going to use it for the good of the country’s economy,” said university lecturer Sayed Massoud.

Chabahar Port is an alternative for Afghan businessmen to import and export goods through the route instead of Karachi and other ports.

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