Challenges Faced By Afghan Women Should Be Tackled: Johnson


Boris Johnson, Britain’s foreign secretary, on Saturday suggested that the difficulties women face in Afghanistan should be addressed.

Vising Kabul University, Johnson was treated to a play by students from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

As part of the program, a number of women read out short stories they had written – through the Afghan Women Can Speak project – which looks at difficulties women face, particularly those in rural areas.

“The project was very useful and we learned how to portray women’s challenges through stories,” said Mahboba, a writer.

Johnson said these stories should be made available to the public and the difficulties endured by women should be highlighted and addressed.

“Social realism and female magazine, I think it is a very good start, keep it going,” he said.

Students also performed a Shakespearean play for the visiting envoy.

“Macbeth wanted to gain what his wife was encouraging him to do. Finally he decided to kill the king and take his place,” said Massoud Mokhtasar, a Fine Arts student.

The students also said the play has some political message to political leaders.

“We wanted to remember Shakespeare by performing the show. It also is comparable with the current situation of Afghanistan. As in the play people are fighting to gain power, we wanted to show that it is not a positive move,” said Diana Mohsini, director of the play.

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