Changes to Election System Will Be Disastrous: IEC

As efforts to reform the electoral system gather momentum, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday warned that any changes to the election law could be detrimental to the people of Afghanistan.

“We think that bringing changes to the election law under the current situation will be disastrous to the people,” deputy IEC chief Abdul Rahman Hotaki said.

He in turn called on government to “let the next elections be held under the same law”.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Hotaki stated the current leadership of the election commission will continue their work – referring to the recommendations by the Electoral Reform Commission (ERC) to replace the commissioners.

“Based on the president’s decree, we will continue our work to set the election timetable and we will soon announce the date,” Hotaki continued.

However, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s office insists parliamentary and provincial council elections will not be held unless the election system is reformed.

“These organizations can carry on what they are doing now but all necessary work will be done after the reforms and no election can be held prior to reforms,” said Javed Faisal, Abdullah’s deputy spokesperson.

Recently, the ERC submitted a package of 11 recommendations to President Ashraf Ghani, seven of which were approved and the rest, according to him, needed further revision.

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