Chopper Crash Caused By Technical Fault: MoD


Officials from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Wednesday said preliminary investigations revealed that technical problems were behind the helicopter crash on Tuesday in Badghis province.

The helicopter had been carrying top army officials when the crash occurred.

A former commander of the Afghan Air Force has said that helicopters currently used by the army are quite old and there is a possibility that the chopper crashed due to the lack of proper maintenance.

The commander of 207 Zafar Army Corp, General Muhayuddin Ghori was killed in the crash, which happened at an Afghan National Army (ANA) base in Murichan area in Bala Morghab district in Badghis, MoD said.

The helicopter had been carrying at least 11 people, including crew and high-ranking officials from Herat and Badghis.

The crash has sparked strong reaction against the leadership of the army.

“M17 aircrafts are 40 years old, these aircraft which operate here were second-hand planes and there is the possibility that they are not being repaired properly,” said former military officer general Atiqullah Amarkhail.

But the ministry of defense has reiterated that all helicopters being used are in good condition.

“This is not an ordinary incident, the government must investigate the case to find out what really caused the crash,” said MP Kiramuddin Rezazada.

“These aircraft were delivered to us recently, they are only 23 years old, there is no fuel problem, it was a technical failure; a technical team must probe the case to find out why the pilot lost control of the helicopter,” said major general Habiburrahman Afzal, deputy commander of communications and public affairs department at MoD.


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