Concerns Over Insecurity Increases in Herat


Herat provincial council on Friday raised its concern over the increase of insecurity in the province’s districts.

The council’s security committee said that terrorists have taken control of numerous areas in districts and if the security institutions do not take action the security of Herat province will be seriously threatened.

Shindand, Adraskan, Gulran, Kushki Kuhna and Farsi districts are the districts facing serious security threats.

The committee officials said that Taliban rule most of the villages in the districts.

“Although the Taliban do not focus their attacks on security compounds and government buildings in the districts, the reality is that the Taliban rule over swaths of territory in several districts and this is a major concern,” said Mahdi Hadid Herat provincial council security committee officer.

Herat civil society meanwhile raised concerns over insecurity in the province’s city and added that if security officials do not take any action about the problem Taliban will make their safe haven in the province.

“This is clear that deployments and domination of the Taliban in the villages will create serious problems for government institutions, therefore the presence of Taliban in these areas will threaten the security of Herat city,” said Mahdi Asif civil society activist.

Herat province police said that from the past two months security forces have pushed back terrorists groups from most parts of the province and at the moment security forces are suppressing the terrorists.

“I can confidently say that the Taliban have no strength for a face to face war with the security forces, dozens of insurgents have been killed over the past two months, Taliban were defeated whenever they attempted to make new attempts,” said Abdul Raouf Ahamdi Herat police spokesman.

Meanwhile army commander in the West said that soon a special operation will be conducted to eliminate the terrorists in Herat province.

“We will launch a special operation after Eid with the cooperation of all security institutions, people, civil society institutions and religious scholars, we are not neglecting the repression of the enemy of people of Afghanistan,” said Gen. Mohiuddin Ghori army commander in the West.

At the moment Taliban has a wide presence in the Shindand district of Herat province and it is said that security forces do not have full sovereignty in the Bazar of the district.

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