Critics Cry Foul Over Taliban Base in Logar

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Critics blasted government on Friday over what they claim to be their failure to destroy a major Taliban base in Logar province, which was reportedly active for nine years.

Afghan forces on Thursday managed to take control of the base and destroy it – a base believed to also have had underground bunkers.

It is said that the camp which was located in Zarghon Shahr village in Mohammad Agha district in Logar, was used to train militants – who were then sent from there to carry out subversive activities in Logar, Kabul and other parts of the country.
The base is said to have been one of the major Taliban bases in the province.

But on Friday critics blasted government.

Former Logar governor Niaz Mohammad Amiri said: “The base may have been in an area which was difficult to track or intelligence reports didn’t reach us to discover it, however we destroyed many bases.”

“I am confident that former officials of Logar province are responsible for this. Those responsible and who were negligent must be dealt with according to the law by the national unity government,” head of Logar provincial council Haseeb Stanikzai said.

But deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi said that efforts are being made to eliminate such facilities.

“As it was pledged by the president, a special Afghan Defense Operations Coordination Center was formed, wherever there is a threat in any region of Afghanistan against our people and security forces, the center gives direction to launch operations to prevent the threat.”

According to analysts, the existence of the Taliban base in Logar indicates that insurgents exist outside Kabul and that they can pose threats to the capital city at any time.

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