DABS: Herat Owes 900 Million Afs in Delinquent Electricity Bills

Up to 900 million Afs in delinquent electricity bills is owed to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) by the government in western Herat province, officials of the company revealed on Friday.

“Up to 900 million Afs in delinquent bills is owed by government institutions, including a number of lawbreakers who refuses to ensure payment,” acting head of BRESHNA Wahid Ahmad Kamrani said. “We have cut off the electricity of some of the lawbreakers permanently and yet despite that positive outcomes have not received.”

Independent analysts have questioned the DABS approach to reconciling the outstanding debt, saying that the government should support its efforts.

“Cutting the transmission line will not be an effective measure,” economic analyst Sayed Massoud said. “The government must act and get the money from the debtors; delinquent bills will also impact the quality of services and of course it is a major lose to our economy.”

Local officials in Herat have warned that, because the province’s electricity is being provided by Iran and Turkmenistan, if bill payments are not made on time, there is a possibility the countries could terminate the power supply.

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