Daesh Closes Schools in Nangarhar's Achin District


Residents in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province have said that militants associated with Daesh have warned teachers against teaching at schools in the areas they have seized control of.

Residents claim that Daesh believes those getting an education at schools will serve in various government institutions in the future. A job which Daesh believes could inflict harm on the group.

Referring to the reports, Nangarhar education department has also confirmed that Daesh has closed down at least six schools in Momand Dara area of Achin district. Officials claim that 41 teachers were sent home by Daesh after their schools were sealed off by the group.

“Daesh has closed schools and looted teachers’ homes. Daesh claims these teachers have links with the government,” a tribal elder from Nangarhar, Kamin said.‎

“Daesh has closed high schools in Momand Dara and now animals are being kept inside clinics and school buildings,” a resident form Achin said.

“Six schools including four high schools have been closed in the district which also led to termination of 40 teachers,” the spokesman for Nangarhar education department said.

TOLOnews reporter tried to get comment from provincial officials, but was not successful.

The first step after capturing an area, both the Taliban and Daesh close down schools and use the buildings as a military base, say officials.

In recent weeks, Daesh militants have expanded their movements in some regions of Nangarhar province. Despite Afghan forces having launched several clearance operations in the province, Daesh still operate in the region.

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