Daesh Commander Killed By Taliban In Farah


A commander of Daesh militants who was in charge of training suicide attackers was killed in a Taliban attack in Farah province, local officials said on Sunday.

The commander named Abdul Razaq Mehdi, was killed in the Taliban attack while ago in Golestan district of the province and is confirmed now, district governor of Golestan, Ajmal Zahid said.

He added that Golestan shares border with southern Helmand province and therefore Taliban and Daesh insurgents can easily enter the district.

Abdul Razzaq and another Daesh leader were also recruiting insurgents to the group for the past two years.

Taliban has started attacking the Daesh affiliates since last year, reports say.

This comes after on Monday at least 9 loyalists of Daesh were killed in separate operations in eastern Nangarhar province.

The provincial government media office said in a statement that at least 4 militants were killed during an operation by the Afghan forces in Pachir Aw Agam district of the province.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Ministry of Defense, said at least 5 militants were killed during an airstrike in the same district.

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