Daesh Flag Lowered in Achin After 50 Fighters Killed


Nearly 50 members of newly-emerged Daesh group have been killed in a wide-scale operation in Achin district in eastern Nangarhar, officials said Saturday.

The joint operation launched three days ago in Shidal village in which more than 30 other members of the group were wounded.

According to security officials, the anti-Daesh offensive will continue until the last hideout of the group – which has seized large cities in Iraq and Syria – is eliminated.

In addition, the security forces destroyed a small base of Daesh and lowered their flag.

“Daesh flag has been lowered … and our forces are advancing to other hideouts of Daesh,” ANA commander Mohammad Nasim Sangin said.

Praising the advances made by the forces, Achin’s district governor Mohammad Ghalib Mujahid assured the residents to clear their area from Daesh soon.

“We will soon raise our national flag on all valleys in Achin and that with the cooperation of our security forces,” he said.

Meanwhile, the provincial council members of Nangarhar welcomed the operation and announced their full support to the forces.

“This operation was successful in two terms. First, the enemies have suffered massive casualties and second, the civilians have not been harmed in this operation,” provincial council member Zabihullah Zemarai said.

They asked the security officials to extend the operation to other districts of Nangarhar.

Daesh have had a significant presence in Achin over the past few months.

However scores of senior Daesh commanders have been eliminated during special raids conducted by the National Directorate of Security (NDS) during the past six months.

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