Daesh Presence 'Widespread' In Nangarhar Province

A number of Nangarhar residents raised concern on Sunday over Daesh activities in Nangarhar province and said the militants are now active in 10 districts of the province – with fighting between Taliban and Daesh having also spread to Bati Kot and Chaparhar districts.

After raising their flag in Achin district, Daesh militants have continued their fight for territory in the province – rapidly spreading their activities to other districts, say residents. Not only is the Taliban fighting them, but so too are government forces.

Locals said that due to the ongoing clashes, thousands of residents have fled their homes and that they are in desperate need of aid.

“Among 21 districts of Nangarhar province Daesh are active in 10 districts and at the moment they are spreading their influence,” said Abdul Rahman one of the residents.

“Government so far did not take serious action against Daesh and Daesh presence has become a source of concern for Bati Kot and Chaparhar districts and the situation is very bad in those districts,” said Murad Khan another resident.

Meanwhile, Nangarhar provincial council confirms the presence and activity of Daesh in Achin, Deh Bala, Chaparhar, Bati Kot and Kot districts of Nangarhar and said if the terrorist group is not stopped, Nangarhar province could fall to them.

“My request from the central government is as soon as possible deploy additional forces to Nangarhar province and prevent Daesh militants spreading in Nangarhar because they are creating a threat for the province,” said Ahmad Ali Hazrat the provincial council head.

In contradiction to the provincial council remarks security officials only confirm the presence and activity of Daesh militants in three districts.

“For the past seven months Daesh militants have been active in Achin, Deh Bala and Chaparhar districts and are fighting with Taliban but we also brought them heavy casualties,” said Fazl Ahmad Shirzad, Nangarhar Police Chief.

Nangarhar residents said however that the Taliban recently received their own reinforcements to help fight Daesh in the Bati Kot district.

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