Daesh 'Recruiting' in Baghlan

A number of provincial officials in northern Baghlan said on Tuesday that a Daesh footprint has emerged in the province.

They claim the extremist group has started recruiting members in Borka district in Baghlan which has sparked concerns among residents.

The officials however warned that if government does not stop the group from recruiting people, the insecurity will deteriorate across the province.

Provincial council member Mohammad Safdar Mohsini said : “We have accurate information that Daesh is actively working in Borka district and is recruiting fighters.”

Ferozudin Aimaq, another council member, said: “In the past Taliban and Jundallah were active in the district but now some members of Jundallah have joined Daesh and are recruiting members.”

Meanwhile, Baghlan police officials confirmed rumors about Daesh sightings but said they do not have any evidence to prove their presence.

“These days there are rumors about Daesh in Borka district but so far our intelligence agencies have not reported anything on this. But our security forces are ready to fight them in Baghlan (if needed),” said acting police chief of Baghlan Abdul Rashid Bashir.

Already, Taliban, Jundallah and Hezb-e-Islami militant groups are active in the province.

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