Daesh Seizes U.S Military Equipment In Nangarhar


Daesh has released photographs of military equipment and a soldier’s I.D card that fighters reportedly seized in Nangarhar.

A photograph released by the group shows someone holding the I.D card of a U.S soldier named Ryan Jay Larson.

Earlier reports that the soldier had been captured were however proven wrong.

Resolute Support in Afghanistan said Larson had not been captured by the group and that “he is accounted for and remains on duty status with his unit.”

It is believed Daesh fighters came under heavy attack by U.S and Afghan troops in a number of areas in Nangarhar in the past two weeks – including in Kot, Schadal, Dah Bala, Adl Khil and Bandar.

Other photographs released by Daesh show the group seized bags, ammunition, a rocket and several hand grenades among other goods.

A major military operation was launched last month amid growing concerns that the group is attempting to expand its activities in the country.

Last month, Daesh claimed responsibility for the deadly protest rally blast in Kabul that left over 80 people dead and at least 300 wounded.

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