Danish Asks AGO to Probe Cases of Violence Against Journalists


President Ashraf Ghani’s second VP Mohammad Sarwar Danish has said that cases of violence against Afghan journalists have not been investigated properly.

He called on Afghanistan’s Attorney General to launch an investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Interior (MoI) has assured the media that all cases of violence against journalists will be investigated.

In addition, the newly established Media Coordination Committee which has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of journalists and their media activities has also raised concerns over inaction to probe cases of violence against reporters in Afghanistan.

Members of the committee comprises officials from the Afghan security and government institutions.

“Cases related to threats and violence against journalists remained pending within the ministry of interior, only a few cases were referred to the attorney general from amongst several hundred cases,” said Danish.

“Coordinated attacks need to be tackled and law enforcing agencies must be provided more support,” said presidential advisor Nadir Nadiri.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has also pledged to establish a special unit aimed at maintaining the security of journalists.

“A special unit was formed almost six months ago to safeguard journalists so that they are kept safe from danger,” said deputy head of NDS Ajmal Abidi.

“We at the ministry of interior will do our part to implement the responsibilities,” said Sediq Sediqqi, spokesman for the MOI.

This year has been one of the deadliest year’s for Afghan journalists. At least 14 journalists so far have been killed including last week’s incident of murder in Zabul in which a group of armed men gunned down Mohammad Yaqoub, a journalist from Afghanistan National Radio Television RTA.

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