Deash 'Training' Children In Nangarhar


Daesh fighters in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province are allegedly training local children to become terrorists.

A number of children have said that Daesh militants were encouraging them to go to their training centers.

Most areas of Achin district have now been cleared of Daesh insurgents but reports have emerged that they are allegedly training children to use rifles and carry out suicide attacks.‎ “They [Daesh fighters] were telling us that they are going to build us schools, where their teachers will be teaching us how to use weapons,” said one child from the area.

Another child said that Daesh rebels warned him not to go to school, nor to watch TV anymore.

“They [Daesh rebels] were asking us to learn how to fire a gun and they were telling us not to mention the name of Afghan security forces before them,” said another child.

Meanwhile, a number of Daesh rebels, who have recently renounced violence, confirmed that Daesh fighters are giving military training to children.

“They were playing war movies to children to encourage them,” said Arabistan, a former Daesh commander.

Zaiton another former Daesh commander said: “They [Daesh fighters] where teaching children how to use weapons and were giving them practical training.”

Human rights protection organizations and civil society activists strongly condemned militant groups for using children in wars and say it as a clear violation of human rights.

It is said that Daesh has started military training for children in some parts of eastern Kunar province as well.

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