Death Toll at 10 in Kabul Suicide Car Bombing


A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives on Saturday afternoon, killing at least 10 people and injuring nearly 60 others, officials have confirmed.

According to a Ministry of Public Health spokesman Wahidullah Mayar, 10 people, including one woman and three foreign contract workers, were killed in the attack.

In addition, 60 people were injured – of which five were women and five were children.

NATO has however, confirmed that three killed were foreign contract workers. No details regarding their nationalities have as yet been released.

The powerful explosion rocked Kabul city and caused extensive damage to nearby buildings and cars in the eastern parts of the city in the Macroyan 4 area.

It is believed the target was a foreign forces convoy. Security forces immediately cordoned off the area and according to eyewitnesses foreign forces were also at the scene.

Officials say most of the victims are civilians. The incident reportedly occurred during afternoon rush hour as city workers and government officials made their way home.


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