Death Toll Rises in Taliban Attack on Kunduz City


Local officials in northern Kunduz province said 21 people have so far been killed in clashes with Taliban militants who carried out organized group attacks from within the city and attacked and closed off the four entrance points into Kunduz city in the early hours of this morning.

Kunduz Provincial Council officials said the insurgents also attacked two districts in the province – Dasht-e-Archi and Chahardara districts. The attacks were coordinated and took place at 3 a.m local time.

Officials say 14 Afghan Local Police and national police members were killed as well as seven civilians. The injured totaled 47 by mid-morning. Clashes are however ongoing.

A member of the Kunduz Provincial Council told TOLOnews that the attacks have resulted in a number of casualties. Initial reports stated two people had died and at least 36 injured. 

TOLOnews reporter, Hamid Sherzai, said the attack started from within the city limits and at the same time insurgents closed off the entrance points, effectively cutting off the city – either for troops to enter or residents to flee.

Sherzai said that the militants are split up into groups. He said the Taliban fighters have also closed the road to Kunduz Airport.

According to local officials, Kunduz governor is currently in Tajikistan and the security chief of the northern province is in Kabul.

Taliban members killed in the attacks reportedly stand at 13 and 21 have been injured. 


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