Delayed Anti-Corruption Center Frustrates Oversight Office


Sayed Ghulam Hussain Fakhri, chairman of High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption said Thursday that the government seems to be reluctant to start the work of the recently established anti-corruption justice center.

But, Afghanistan’s Attorney General Office (AGO) has said that staff recruitment for the anti-corruption justice center is in the final stages. The center will be operational as soon as the recruitment process is completed.

“The recruitment of attorneys and other officials for the center has started and will be completed within a week, where after it will formally start its task,” AGO spokesman Basir Azizi said.

Before signing off to NATO Summit in Warsaw, Afghan leaders officially announced the opening of anti-corruption center. Critics say that the government is now silent over the work of the center that was founded to bring corrupt officials to justice.

The High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption believes that if anti-corruption justice center started its work with complete independence and without influence from the politicians, there is a hope for a robust action against corruption.

“Now it is the time to take practical steps. The government should do more to help the center start its work,” Fakhri said.

“The center must start its operations by holding corrupt officials accountable,” political analyst Najib Mahajir said.

Back in June, the Afghan government officially announced the inauguration of Anti-corruption justice center in an attempt to bring corrupt government officials to justice.

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