Devastated Family Buries Their Hardworking Son


Samiullah Sarwari was a graduate from the Afghanistan National Music Institute but was killed in the attack on the American University of Afghanistan on Wednesday night – just a few days after he started at the university.

Sarwari came from a poor family, but he was a bright young man who had won a scholarship to study economics at the university.

Sarwari’s sudden death has devastated his family – including his two brothers, his sister and parents.

“Sami had not done anything wrong, he was always advising us not to hurt people,” said Mohammad Hanif, Sarwari’s cousin.

“Five days had passed since he started his lessons at the American University of Afghanistan, he was studying economics and wanted to become an economist,” said Sarwari’s brother Ehsan.

Sarwari had also received several awards from the Afghanistan National Music Institute.

But this week he become one of hundreds of young Afghans to have died at the hands of terrorists in recent years.

“He was a hardworking person, he was an asset,” said Mohammad Amin, a resident of Kabul.

“Do the people have no loved ones, don’t they have feelings,” said university student Nawid.

Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the American University of Afghanistan left at least 16 people dead and more than 50 others wounded.

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