Displaced Families Appeal To Ghani To Secure Kunduz


A number of displaced families from Kunduz, who are living in Kabul, on Sunday called on President Ashraf Ghani to secure their province and help them return to their homes.

They said they are going through a tough time but no government organization has paid attention to their situation.

“We witnessed that people lost their families and friends. Who will hear our voice? Where should we lodge our complaint?,” said Jumadin a resident of Kunduz, who is living in Kabul.

The displaced families said it is the second time they have left their homes due to the war in Kunduz and they are faced with economic problems.

TOLOnews’ Anisa Shaheed who visited the displaced families’ camp in Kabul says there are many women that have lost their husbands in Kunduz war and now have no money for daily expenses.

“We lost our home. My husband was killed. We have nothing to eat,” said Maryam Mohammadi, a displaced person.

“We had a good life there in Kunduz, but now we are in a bad situation,” said Zainab, a member of a displaced family.

The displaced families said the assistance they received from a number of aid organizations is not sufficient and that the relevant institutions should secure Kunduz and help them return to their homes.

Reports indicate that at least 2,000 out of 8,000 internally displaced persons of Kunduz returned to their homes from Takhar province.

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