Dostum Accuses Government of Excluding Him From Power


The First Vice-President Abdul Rashid Dostum has accused the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders of excluding him from power and side-lining his supporters.

Talking to journalists during a military operation in Dawlat Abad district in Faryab on Monday, Dostum said President Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah have shared the power among themselves. His role in the administration is now unclear.

Dostum said considering his efforts in bringing President Ghani to power, at least 10 embassies should be allocated to his supporters.

He claimed that when the NUG was formed, he was against the division of power between government leaders. He added there also a lack of coordination between the Afghan National Defense and the Security Forces (ANDSF).

“In the beginning, I was against the sharing of power on a 50-50 basis. Why then is there is a lack of coordination between the Defense and Interior ministries? As the first vice-president, I say this is our fault…,” he said.

Dostum added: “They [government leaders] are sharing black money while captives, displaced people and others need help. With whom should these people share their problems?”

He warned the state over these issues, adding that “they [government leaders] should seriously consider the matter as we all love our country and our people.”

He said government’s control has been confined only to main roads. “Only the asphalted roads have remained for us, but even those areas we are not fully safe,” he added.

The President’s deputy spokesman Shahussain Murtazawi denied Dostum was being side-lined.

“The first vice-president Mr. Dostum is in senior management in government, according to the constitution. He exercises his legal authority and he is now fighting on the front lines for the country’s sovereignty. The first vice-president attends the National Security Council meeting, the high economic council meeting and other important national decision making events,” said Murtazawi.

A number of analysts said Dostum’s accusations need to be discussed.

“This government has been established based on the influence of tribal figures. At first it was divided on a 50-50 basis between Abdullah and Ghani. However, there are other figures in every 50 percent part of the government,” said university lecturer Tahir Hashemi.

“Mr. Dostum is the first vice-president. His areas of authority and his responsibilities are clear. There is no need for him to go to the frontline. He should manage the three pillars of government,” said military affairs analyst Atiqullah Amarkhail.

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