Dostum Terms Abdullah's Remarks Inappropriate


President Ashraf Ghani’s first VP General Abdul Rashid Dostum on Monday said that he had not been injured during a Taliban siege in Faryab, terming CEO Abdullah Abdullah’s remarks inappropriate.

Presiding over a meeting of council of ministers on Monday, Abdullah said that Dostum had been slightly injured in a Taliban siege in Faryab. However Dostum’s office hit out over the remark, saying it was in favor of the enemies.

“We pray for the recovery of the recent incidents including the incident that happened to first vice president and fortunately his injury is not concerning,” said Abdullah.

Dostum said in response: “I feel very sorry that the chief executive says an inappropriate and unfit word that general Dostum has been injured.”

“It is said that it has been a clown of the Taliban and spread propaganda about the safety of the general. I don’t think that someone within the government should say such a foolish thing,” said Enayatullah Farahmand, head of Dostum office.

The statement comes a day after Dostum faced a Taliban siege in Ghormach district of Faryab province in which several members of the Afghan security forces were killed.

However reports indicate that the national unity government is still besieged by internal conflict.

“In recent days there have been some hostile positions and political dealings between top members of the cabinet. This would have negative implications on the undertakings of the cabinet and also on the Afghanistan’s armed forces,” said political commentator Haroon Mir.

With a surge in Taliban offensives, Dostum left Kabul for Faryab recently in a bid to suppress the Taliban operatives in Ghormach.

He vowed to eliminate the Taliban in the province.

“Enemy was suppressed massively from the air in suburbs of the city, eight terrorists were killed and 16 others wounded,” said Faryab governor Sayed Anwar Sadat.

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