Draft Plan On Path To Self-Reliance On Brussels Agenda


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) will next month present the Peace and National Development draft proposal at the Brussels Summit which according to the ministry aims to help the country become self-reliant.

According to the ministry, the draft proposal identifies ways that will use international aid to help Afghanistan become self-sufficient in upcoming years.

“Afghan government is trying to become self-reliant and end reliance on international aid through increasing its revenue,” said MoF spokesman Ajmal Abdul Rahimzai.

But analysts have said they believe Afghanistan will not become self-reliant unless the country is secure and endemic corruption in public office has been eradicated.

“Security and fighting corruption are the main barriers that are impeding Afghanistan from becoming self-sufficient. We should consider these issues,” said Mahbuba Siraj, a political commentator.

A number of MPs also argued that Afghanistan will not become self-sufficient and will not receive international aid in future if it fails to present proper plans at the Brussels Summit.

“The international community will provide infrastructure aid to Afghanistan if the Afghan government succeeds in convincing the international community at the Brussels Summit,” said Abdul Qadir Zazai, member of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

“We have not received aid to build our infrastructure over the past 15 years,” said Nisar Haris, member of the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament).

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