Drug Dealer Slips Through Police Cordon In Kabul


A suspected drug dealer slipped through a security cordon on Sunday in Ashiqan Arifan area in Kabul following a counter-narcotics operation.

While fleeing the area however, the suspect opened fire on a civilian vehicle. No casualties were reported.

The incident happened in Ashoqan-o-Arefan Street.

The driver of the vehicle, owned by a private company, said: “I was transporting the reporters and went a little forward to park the vehicle, I was sitting inside the vehicle in the parking when a man rushed past and fired bullets, I tried to take shelter and he fired the second bullet, then I escaped the scene.”

Meanwile, a number of residents in the vicinity have accused government of not addressing the issue of security.

“Coordination remains an important issue during special operations against drug smugglers and this is part of the duty of counter-narcotics police, but they need to conduct their duty within the angles of the law,” said Sediq Sediqqi, MoI spokesman.

The incident comes amid a surge in crime in Kabul with people calling on the government to take steps to improve security.

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