Education Ministry 'Cooperated Fully' In Probe


The Ministry of Education (MoE) said Sunday that they cooperated fully with the fact-finding team tasked to probe alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars from ministry coffers – money provided mostly by international donors to help rebuild the nation’s education sector.

This announcement comes a day after a report , leaked to TOLOnews, stated that millions of dollars has been embezzled on the back of ghost schools, teachers and students.

But the education ministry said it had cooperated fully with the investigation into the alleged embezzlement during former education minister Farooq Wardak’s time.

The report also disclosed that scholarships were offered to certain individuals affiliated to particular political groups and that ghost training seminars were reported in some provinces. Also that houses were rented for schools at huge expense.
Concerns were raised in recent months after reports surfaced that millions of dollars had been embezzled in the country through ghost schools – sparking national outrage over the lack of transparency in foreign aid spending.

In addition, the Ministry of Education (MoE) said necessary reforms were introduced by the new leadership of the ministry in a bid to implement comprehensive reforms in the education sector.

“Reforms will be there and you witnessed a range of reforms within the ministry of education during last year at various levels. Reforms were also brought in the administrative affairs of the education system in Afghanistan,” Mujib Mehrdad, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education said on Sunday.

“The new leadership of the education ministry strongly believes in qualifications in recruitment.”

“Each school must be equipped with a computer in order to enhance a close monitoring system on the current education system through a database so that reforms brought in the system include the education sector and other spheres,” deputy of Kandahar education department Mohammad Ewaz Nazar said.

Although the fact finding team formally initiated its job in July last year, it is not clear why the findings have not been revealed.

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