Eight Children Killed In Kabul Explosion

At least eight children were killed and two others wounded in an explosion in Se Bangi area of Kabul.

Police chief of PD13 in Kabul said the children died while playing at a construction site in Se Bangi.

The families of the children say they were killed in a rocket attack but police reject these claims and say the children found an old explosive device possibly left over from a previous war.

Mohammad Ali Behsudi head of Kabul PD13 police headquarters said: “As you see the place is (also) in ruins and the children found an old explosive device from under rubble but it was not a rocket. We visited the scene and it is clear it was not a rocket,”

Eyewitnesses say the blast occurred when the children were busy playing in the rubble.

Ahmad Fahim one witness said: ” I was at home when I heard the blast. It sounded like the blast of a gas cylinder. When I arrived at the scene and saw all these children laying there. About two or three were wounded. The rest were dead.”

Sayed Farid another witness said: “I heard the blast and just one minute after I arrived in the area I saw five were wounded. We took them to hospital,”

The children aged between nine and 14 years old mostly come from one family.

Rahmatullah, a relative of some of the deceased said: “It was a rocket and the 13th police district officers found a piece of rocket remaining inside my house.”

Another relative, Mohammad Ali said: “Before the blast there was a huge sound of firing coming from the 5th police district and 10 minutes later a blast took place and I reached the area and I saw that eight to nine children were dead.”

Meanwhile, three civilians were killed in another blast in Kabul’s PD5 on Tuesday evening. The explosives were placed inside a pressure cooker.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed these deaths.

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