Enlightenment Movement Continues Its Anti-Govt Protests


Members of the Enlightenment Movement on Friday announced they will continue, and even expand, their demonstrations until the national unity government (NUG) responds to its demands over the planned 500kV power transmission line.

Scores of movement members gathered at Shahid Mazari (Musalah) in Kabul on Friday to remember those martyred forty days ago during one of their rallies.

A suicide bomber detonated his explosives last month in Kabul during the demonstration, killing more than 80 people.

Shah Gul Rezai, a member of parliament said: “The Enlightenment Movement does not belong to a few people, it is the voice of millions.”

The Enlightenment Movement still insists that the planned 500kV power transmission line from Turkmenistan be routed through Bamiyan and not Salang as planned.

Now however, they have increased their demands.

Zulfiqar Omid, a member of the movement said: “Our requests have increased. We want to take part in the power after this.”

Meanwhile, a number of the Enlightenment Movement members criticized those who have left the movement.

Abdul Rahman, an MP said: “Where are the people who left the movement because of negotiations. I ask them to come and give the results of their talks.”

Raihana Azad, another member of the movement said: “Khalili, Danish, Mohaqeq and Muddabir you are the leaders of the people, where were you on the day of carnage.”

Furthermore, members of the Enlightenment Movement warn that if the NUG does not consider their requests, they will expand their civic activities.

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