EU Calls For Probe Into 'Human Rights' Violations Against Eshchi


The European Union (EU) on Tuesday called for a fair and transparent official investigation into reports of gross human rights violations and abuses against Ahmad Eshchi, the former Jawzjan governor.

The EU also called for investigations concerning the allegations made against the First Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum.

The EU and its Member States present in Kabul, Australia, Canada and Norway “urge all Afghans to continue to work together to promote peace, stability and democracy, based on full respect for the rule of law by all citizens, regardless of position or standing in society,” read their statement.

The former Jawzjan governor and ex-member of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Eshchi, was allegedly assaulted by Dostum and then taken into custody. He was released about 16 days later.

According to reports, Eshchi was allegedly assaulted by Dostum’s guards at a Buzkashi game last month. He was then taken into custody by the men. According to Eshchi’s family he was in Dostum’s custody for five days before being handed over to the National Directorate of Security (NDS).

He was released on Saturday.

However, Dostum’s office rejected the reports and said he was arrested by the NDS in Jawzjan.

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