EU Calls MSF Hospital Attack A Profound Tragedy, Urges Transparent Investigation


European Union special envoy to Afghanistan Franz-Michael Melbin on Friday said that the bombing of Kunduz hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was a clear violation of international law, and urged the Afghan government to take action and conduct a transparent investigation.

U.S and Afghan governments have given solid assurances to probe the event transparently and accurately, he said.

The statement comes shortly after MSF officials called on an international body to investigate the deadly attack on its hospital in northern city of Kunduz.

EU envoy asked the Afghan government to abide by its commitments to the people of Afghanistan.

The attack on the MSF hospital was followed by a global outcry with EU officials announcing the assault a clear violation of international charters.

Talking exclusively to TOLOnews, Melbin asked for a transparent and accurate investigation of the attack on MSF hospital.

“It was a profound tragedy. It is always a tragedy when civilians are hit as so often happens when there is conflict. It is especially tragic when it hits a sanctuary under international norms and humanitarian law, hospitals enjoys special privilege and protection, all war parties should respect that and we deplore that.”

“People were killed and wounded in the hospital due to fighting and we believe that it is very important that a full and transparent investigation is made. We heard assurances both from US side and from the Afghan government that investigations indeed will be forthcoming,” he said.
At least 30 injured comprising staff and patients of the hospital have been transferred to Kabul.

“I think this is a wake up call for all of us for the Afghan leadership, for the international community and we will have to show that we are able to mobilize at a time of crisis and work together to move Afghanistan forward,” he said.

“I remain optimistic that this can be done. We have had very good discussions with the government over the last week, but it is also very important that the government comes out with strong narrative toward the Afghan population and the people to explain what it intends to do and how it intends to make sure that this doesn’t repeat itself again. So as latest today I once again had the opportunity to talk to the Afghan government and underlined – please move forward with the reform programs,” he added.

This comes at a time that already the Afghan Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and U.S Pentagon are trying to investigate the bombing of Kunduz hospital, however, the MSF has already rejected the investigation and called for a transparent international body to probe the incident.

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