EU Calls On NUG Leaders To Unite


Stefano Manservisi, Director General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Union, has called on the National Unity Government’s (NUG) leaders to be united during the current situation.

Manservisi said in an interview with TOLOnews on Friday that he is optimistic about the achievements of the NUG in development and in its fight against corruption but insists that Brussels Summit will pave the way for Afghanistan to receive more financial aids.

The NUG leaders are currently working on government’s reports that will be presented to delegates at the summit next month.

It is however hoped that the tension between the two leaders will end soon.

Representatives of the international community, especially donor countries to Afghanistan, will meet in Brussels next month to draw up a roadmap on financial aid to Afghanistan over the next few years.

“I would like to ask NUG leaders to end their rifts. They want to represent Afghanistan separately at the Brussels Summit (but they must) present plans that can grasp the support of the international community,” said Manservisi.

The international community wants the NUG to bring reforms, eradicate corruption and maintain the security of the Afghan people.

Analysts say that Brussels Summit is one of the last chances for the NUG to garner the support of the international community.

“European Union or the International Community’s support of NUG in Brussels Summit does not mean that NUG has done a good job. The international community has repeatedly said that they cannot leave Afghanistan on its own in the current situation,” Mohammad Amin Farhang, the former minister of commerce and industries said.

“Afghanistan needs to implement its promises made to the international community. Eradication of corruption, investigation of corruption cases, rule of law and implementation of reforms are the commitments made to the international community by the NUG,” Hadi Miran, a political analyst said.

However, government officials have said that in the first two years the NUG faced many challenges and promised that they will do more to implement big economic programs, fight corruption and start fundamental projects in the next three years.

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