EU Concerned Over Corruption


The European Union (EU) has raised concerns over corruption in public offices and said it is a key reason for the lack of trust between the state and the people.

EU’s Civilian Operations Commander Kenneth Deane told TOLOnews they will not tolerate corruption in Afghanistan.

“Corruption is a cancer that cannot be tolerated at any level of society, at any office, at any 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Therefore, European Union under the wider international community will monitor the situation and assess the Afghan government – to try to minimize and not to navigate that level of corruption and other aspects that actually prevent stability,” he said.

According to a report by Integrity Watch Afghanistan, nearly 17 organizations are working to fight corruption.

The watchdog said some of the anti-corruption bodies should be merged in order to make the mission effective.

“The parallel organizations are working at the same time. They should be combined and a single non-political institution should be established instead,” said Nasir Temori, a researcher.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan meanwhile said the establishment of the anti-corruption judicial center was a hesitant move and was for a political purpose.

“The anti-corruption judicial center is sacrificing the figures that have no political support. The center should assess big corruption cases,” said Sayed Ekram Afzali, head of the organization.

Meanwhile, a number of MPs and political analysts criticized the anti-corruption judicial center’s current focus on small corruption cases.

“The center assessed small corruption cases, which was against the people’s expectations. These cases did not need to be tried by the center. This center should investigate big corruption cases in order to gain public trust,” said Ghulam Husain Fakhri, head of the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption.

“The center should assess big corruption cases as soon as possible,” said Assadullah Saadati, member of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

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