EU Set To Host International Conference On Afghan Peace


A senior European Union (EU) diplomat has said that an international conference on peace and stability in Afghanistan will be convened in the Belgian capital Brussels later this year.

He said Iran will be asked to cooperate in light of Tehran’s influential role in the region.

The European Union’s Deputy Secretary-General for the External Action Service Helga Maria Schmid called on Iran to consider participating in the Brussels conference on Afghanistan.

The Brussels meeting is aimed at discussing restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan and to assess ways of cooperation among the nations in their struggles against terrorism.

The EU will host the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan on October 4-5, 2016. The conference will discuss the issue of ongoing insurgency in Afghanistan and help reaffirm international support to Afghanistan until the end of 2020.

“The move indicates that the (EU) officials realize the security issues, dangers and threats coming out of the terrorists in the region and this is a positive sign for Afghanistan. The second point is that Afghanistan must be active in its foreign policy to get benefits of the opportunities and situations available,” political analyst Mohammad Natiqi said.

Iran has welcomed the EU invitation for participating in the conference, calling on the EU to increase financial assistance to Afghanistan.

“With consideration of Iran’s location to Afghanistan’s western part and one of the countries which maintains crucial impacts on Afghanistan’s political equations – Iran can play a realistic role in the process if willing to do so. I think inviting Iran to the conference has its own impacts if Afghanistan comes with its own fresh plans,” political commentator Mohammad Haidari said.

Political analysts believe that alongside Iran, the role of Russia should also be considered in the war against terrorism.‎

They say that Tehran and Moscow maintain significant roles in the Afghan peace process and they can play a decisive role in this respect.

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