EU Terms Brussels Conference Vital For Afghanistan


The European Union’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, said the Brussels Conference that will be held in the next six months is vital for Afghanistan as the international community will renew its commitments to the country.

“We are asking for contributions to Brussels which we are responsible for…but for both conferences actually the request is the same. We are asking people to deliver contributions which are at or near the current levels until 2020,” the EU ambassador told TOLOnews.

“EU itself has already committed to remain at the same level that we have been for the previous seven years, for the next seven years,” he added

He added: “There would be a number of things that we need the Afghan government to do ahead of the conference and then certainly in the follow up to the conference. It is going to be very difficult to continue to support Afghanistan at exceptional levels which is what it does right now.”

He stated that he does not believe in concerns over a political and military breakdown of the Afghan government because the Afghan people will always keep their unity among themselves.

However he called on the Afghan government to use the next six months to move forward on a number of key issues.

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