Ex-Jihadi Figures Meet Over NATO Strike On Commander's Residence

A number of former Jihadi figures and senior government officials on Tuesday gathered at the residence of former Jihadi leader Jan Ahmad – whose house came under an alleged NATO strike on Sunday.

Abdullah Abdullah CEO of the National Unity Government, Atta Mohammad Noor acting governor of Balkh, former Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh and many other ex-Jihadists took part in the meeting.

The meeting came after the NATO coalition reportedly conducted an air and ground strike Sunday night on a weapons’ cache allegedly belonging to the former Jihadist – who was said to be a strong ally of Abdullah in last year’s controversial presidential election.

The incident followed protests by the supporters of Jan Ahmad on Monday in central Parwan province – which is about 130 kilometers from capital Kabul.
The former Jihadi figures condemned the strike and called for an explanation.

“The purpose of the meeting of Jihadi leaders in Parwan was to discuss the attack on Jan Ahmad’s house and this is one of our greatest concerns that must be addressed,” Noor said, who is an influential figure in northern Afghanistan.

According to witnesses to the strike, NATO troops opened fire on Ahmad’s compound in the Bayan area of Charikar from the air and ground. Some said the assault resulted in the destruction of a grain mill as well.

“This raid is being criticized by all,” Saleh said. “We all have come together to express our sympathy to the commander Jan Ahmad. All here want a serious investigation of the issue and we are against such attacks.”

The coalition forces however expressed that they destroyed a weapons’ cache they said would likely be used against the coalition and the Afghan forces.

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