Experts Link Success in Battlefield to Good Leadership

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As embattled Afghan security personnel continue their counter insurgency efforts against insurgents in several fronts across the nation, some Afghan military commentators on Saturday criticized the present management of the war, urging that only good leadership can guarantee success against the militants on the battlefields.

This comes after militants this winter continued their offensives against the over stretched forces in several regions – contrary to a draw down in fighting during the colder months over the past few years.

“There is the need to draw a clear strategy for war which can help us encourage our forces and to differentiate between friends and enemies. But regrettably we do not have such an effective strategy in Afghanistan so far to help our forces win on the battlefields,” a member of parliament’s internal security commission, Abdul Hai Akhondzada said.

Helmand, once Taliban’s stronghold, is one of the most volatile provinces and Afghan security forces have long been battling insurgents there. Soldiers who are battling Taliban on the ground have also been critical of poor leadership of the war in the area.

“They must issue us the necessary orders so that we take the initiative and act resolutely and provide security to our region,” an Afghan National Army soldier in Helmand, Sardar Mohammad Mashriqiwal, said.

“They must provide us with more support in terms of weapons, heavy weapons, tanks and other necessary equipment,” another ANA soldier Ali Sina said.

While insurgents still look firm in their military struggle, even during the winter, the question posed by many is what strategy needs to be formulated to tackle the militants in the short term period?

“Those who are failing to lead the war effectively are comprising the unprofessional individuals, they do not have the courage, necessary knowledge and academic background, therefore they must be fired from the job and professional people must be appointed. Capacities must be utilized appropriately so that the enemy realizes that we have a strong armed force,” military analyst Jawed Kohistani said.

As concerns over the poor leadership of the war grows, it seems that the security forces are in for a tough battle in 2016 while dealing with the insurgents, say analysts.

Military commentators believe that only good leadership can help the security forces thwart the threats and make gains on the battlefield.

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