Experts Tally NUG'S Broken Promises, Say No Progress in Peace, Security

Political commentators and members of the Afghan parliament have blasted President Ashraf Ghani’s administration for failing to deliver on campaign promises, arguing that the government has achieved nothing to broker peace with the militants and restore sustainable security in the country.

The statement comes at a time that the country is facing challenges on multiple fronts such as economy, security and good governance.

However, on the basis of TOLOnews’ govmeter website, that tracks the progress of Ghani’s pre-election commitments and the NUG’s post-election commitments, it appears that there is a six percent success rate by government in terms of improving security and the peace efforts.

Establishment of sustainable peace and security had been an important priority of the NUG, however analysts argue that the government has achieved nothing in this respect over the past one and half a years.

“The government of Afghanistan has proved its commitments to the world. The presence of Afghan government in the four-nation talks proves its commitments for restoration of sustainable peace in the country and also the government of Afghanistan has utilized all its resources to improve the security situation and has called for a wider action against those that commit acts of terrorism,” a deputy presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi said on Monday.

NUG had also committed to secure Afghanistan’s highways, but failed to deliver on the promise.

“The council (High Peace Council) which was formed to leverage the peace process is not supposed to be a body for bringing peace, but it is a project. The HPC members who are paid salaries in dollars, why have they even failed to take a single step for peace?

The government has the responsibility to defend the territorial integrity and the citizens while it keeps one of the windows open for peace. Peace is not supposed to be achieved by pleading and supplication. The government must defeat the rebels (insurgents) to force them to endorse peace,” MP Saleh Mohammad Saleh said.

“The government failed to gain visible achievement in peace and security. We saw the results after bloodshed increased in Afghanistan and war expanded. The peace plan completely failed. The four-nation talks also collapsed while people were hoping for a positive outcome from it,” MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh said.

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